Amazing Cardio Training with Ariana Van X

Ariana Van X is lying on bed finishing her breakfast. Suddenly, the phones rings. It is the receptionist of the hotel, reminding her that her fitness class will be in 15 minutes. She starts to think about the handsome teacher and she decides to relax a bit before her class, so she starts to touch herself. However, while she is masturbating herself, the teacher Chris passes through the window and sees her. He knocks on the terrace window and Ariana, a little embarrassed, tells him to come in. She says that she’s sorry to be late, but he answers that she is the only one of the class today.

She smiles naughty and tells him that maybe they can focus on cardio. To be perfectly clear, she stands in front of him and gets undressed slowly. She approaches him and they start to kiss. Then, she will taste his cock and she will put it over her boobs. After the masturbation, they will fuck in every position while she screams of pleasure. He will come all over her body after an amazing evening of cardio!